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the most enjoyable, and what would be with you, reckless diversion. The upsetting of a boat with its load of excursionists, no matter where, results in merely a harmless frolic. The human body there sinks in the water only a little above its middle, and we have contrived, by web-like fastenings to the hands and feet, a means of propulsion so rapid as to nearly equal our speediest locomotion on the land. During our long summ

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ers, when the temperature of the water is agreeable, lake journeys, especially by the young, are among the most popular amusements. This, to you, strange condition of density is productive of a state of affairs parta


king of the humorous, although leading to much domestic perplexity and annoyance. Our children take to the water in the summer season as naturally as your water fowl, and the loss of offspring upon the lakes, at that


tender age which precludes their knowledge of the return direction, is the source of an immense amount of parental disturbance and worry. The straying of children upon the waters is[Pg 95] attended, however, with bu

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    t little danger; since, if by any possibility they remain undiscovered during the night, they can, owing to the buoyancy of their bodies, sl

    eep tranquilly and delightfully upon their backs, resting upon the cushions of the waters until rescued, as they are sure to be on the succeeding day, by one of the numerous ai

    rships constantly skimming the surface. “Our land is generally rolling, and there is a constant water movement in the channels c

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    onnecting these small bodies of water, not in a uniform direction toward the sea, as with you, but in all directions, thus saving to us a po

    wer for mechanical purposes than which nothing better can be conceived. “Our cities, as you may imagine, are not located as yours are; but, since one place is as good as an

    other for a distributing point, the rule has been to build them up where conditions are favorable, chiefly considered of which have

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